Sauerkraut has long been the oddball in the condiment world. Sold in bags, jars, cans, and other inconvenient containers, and sitting out in countless unsanitary, open pans at baseball games and other venues, sauerkraut – a wonderful, traditional, fermented food – was long overdue for an upgrade in convenience. Putting sauerkraut in a bottle, however, is no small task. It requires the proper texture and consistency to squeeze through a cap, it has to have the right moisture level so as not to drip when dispensing, it requires the right bottle and a proprietary cap, it needs to be made shelf-stable…and of course, through all that, has to maintain that sharp taste and crisp texture we’ve all come to love on our brats, sandwiches, and other dishes. While we can’t disclose our trade secrets, we can tell you that it’s taken years of trial and error to get it right, and to meet the exacting standards of the Sauer Frau.