It may not seem like it on the surface, but the Frau knows how to party. She’s traditional, serious, even surly, but those rolled side buns she sports offer a glimpse into a more eccentric, youthful, party animal side that’s only brought out by kraut.

And with good reason. There are so many amazing uses for kraut that you could literally throw a party and have sauerkraut incorporated into every dish!

Let’s have a kraut party!

There are three distinct flavors of Sauer Frau – Classic, Craft Beer Mustard, and Bavarian with Caraway Seeds. First, make sure to have several of each on-hand (and some fun Sauer Frau t-shirts couldn’t hurt!).

Then, invite as many friends as you can!

Next, consider getting your grill staples: beer brats, polish sausage, burgers, corned beef, etc.

You’ll also want to pick up some rye bread, Swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing (for Reubens, of course!). Or try this amazing Reuben Mini Toasts hors d’oeuvres recipe!

Think about making a few dips and grabbing some fresh pretzels. Sauerkraut mixed with cream cheese makes a tremendous probiotic dip or blend it with hummus instead of lemon.

Also, there are a variety of beverages (in addition to your German lager, or course!) that you can add to your kraut-focused menu. Sauerkraut makes amazing, functional smoothies and is great in bloody marys.

And don’t forget dessert! Surprisingly, sauerkraut is a fantastic plant-based ingredient for cakes, cookies, and other sweets.

Once you’ve prepared the spread, be sure to include a few bottles of Sauer Frau on the table because it is the easiest way to add additional flavor to any dish.

The last step in the perfect kraut party – do as the Frau (wouldn’t) do…HAVE FUN!